FIDOplaysZAPPA feat. Bobby Martin

FIDOplaysZAPPA feat. Bobby Martin

CH | jazz rock

He was tied to the stake with dental floss, he visited the City of Little Lights, was amazed by love - and he always swung up vocally: We're talking about Robert "Bobby" Martin, who as the lead singer creates the sound from Frank Zappa's band from 1981 to the farewell tour in 1988. He has also worked on a long list of productions with big names: Bette Middler, Paul McCartney, Michael McDonald, Prince, Etta James, Patti Labelle, The Moody Blues.

It took two songs at the Zappanale 2022 and the spark had jumped between the American, whose 74 years of age you can neither see nor hear, and the Swiss tribute troupe FIDOplaysZAPPA, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. 

On the tours in October 2022, February/March 2023 and on the upcoming tour in October 2023, Bobby Martin - not as a guest of honour, but as the only lead singer of the full-length program - will climb into the FiDOs' Nightliner to show: Frank Zappa's music is not dead, it doesn't even smell funny.

The Swiss Tribute Orchestra knows how to captivate every audience with the fearless mixture of snotty rock live show paired with virtuoso Swiss precision craftsmanship, with which the experienced professionals live out their passion for the music of the Great American Composer. FIDO shamelessly exploit improvisational freedom, break stylistic boundaries with virtuosity and fully exploit the musical diversity and compositional humor of Zappa's work. With several inspiring live shows all over Europe and six recordings, the Swiss Tribute Orchestra has earned itself a place in the Olympus of the worldwide Zappa community in the last 2 decades: Stylish, virtuoso, humorous and with their very own approach, FIDO intoxicate themselves and their audience, even after 20 years, at the great work of Frank Zappa.

Robert "Bobby" Martin: vocals, keys, sax
Martin Medimorec: vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Oli Friedli: piano, keys
Stef Strittmatter: guitar, vocals
Pascal Grünenfelder: Bass, vocals, arrangements
Remy Sträuli: drums, vocals

20th Anniversary Tour 2023

08/19/2023 DE Waffenrod Woodstock Forever Festival
09/29/2023 CH Basel Atlantis
09/30/2023 CH Stuttgart Theaterhaus T3
10/01/2023 DE Uebach-Palenberg Rockfrabrik
10/02/2023 DE Braunschweig Roter Saal
10/03/2023 DE Berlin Maschinenhaus


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