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The Universe By Ear - III CD

The Universe By Ear - III CD

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A virus comes along and decrees a standstill for the cultural world. But the universe is more powerful and cannot be stopped. So with their third Big Bang, The Universe By Ear have worked their way further into their own sonic cosmos. After the liberating I and the structured II, the trio has now explored the vastness and depths on their third self-titled work. So it is not surprising that the almost 45 minutes of music are divided into only five songs, with lengths between 7.5 and 13 minutes. The Universe By Ear continue to use angular breaks and rapid changes as a stylistic device, but in addition there are now increasingly parts that breathe, proliferate and sometimes rebel against their creators. And in the same breath the lyrics get more weight, which are about dystopias, self-discovery and life. As always, not light fare, but a massive work.


01 Sail Around The Sun
02 Something In The Water
03 Two-Hour Drive/Are We There Yet?
04 Lie Alone
05 Salty River (including Monoliths)

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Band: The Universe By Ear

Label: ON STAGE records

Format: CD

Catalog number: OSR 009

Barcode: 4260673692513

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