Florian Lohoff

Florian Lohoff

GER | Funk, soul, blues, rock

He is honest, passionate and authentic - these three attributes apply equally to the blues and the musician Florian Lohoff. The Berlin guitarist and singer is considered one of the most promising representatives of the "Young Generation of Blues", whereby he likes to explore the genre boundaries between funk, soul, rock and pop in order to create his very own style. He is now causing a sensation both nationally and internationally.

Florian Lohoff is no longer an unknown within the blues scene. Old masters like Walter Trout or Henrik Freischlader have hired him as support and invited him to jam sessions. In addition to Germany, the up-and-coming talent also performs regularly in England, Belgium and the Netherlands. The fact that Florian Lohoff always leaves a lasting impression is not least due to his carefree and dynamic playing style.

In 2011 he founded his own band and has already released three albums. Even the first work "Life Time Shuffle" made the professional world sit up and take notice. His latest album is entitled Risin' and is his most personal work to date. Relentlessly reflective lyrics meet rousing guitar solos and a groovy funk spirit that touches deeply. "Each of the twelve songs speaks deep from my soul and reflects my inner emotional world."

This not only convinces die-hard blues fans, but also the feature pages of Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandfunk, both of which have reported extensively on his music and work. In addition, there is a wealth of other positive press reviews, which above all the special live qualities of Florian Lohoff

praise. "His music comes without big gestures, without lofty sayings, without fluffed up appearances," says a concert report. “He doesn't need a lot of glitz, he just wants to make music. And he does it damn well!”

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