"Welcome aboard " The Cinelli Brothers " from Italy and Great Britain!"

Passionate musicians who combine the sounds of the 1960s, a mix of blues, rock and soul, with contemporary flair. These talented brothers are well on their way to conquering the music scene. Their music attracts people of all ages...

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Welcome aboard “ Rosalie Cunningham ” from Great Britain!

In a mixture of classic psych-rock, prog and folk , interspersed with cabaret chutzpah, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist preserves Rosalie Cunningham has an unmistakable personality...

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Hot Rock! Autumn concert tickets available now

Whether you are a newcomer or band senior: We have top concerts to offer across Europe again!
Have fun discovering our autumn tours, secure your tickets quickly. #safetherockmusic


Culture is a pillar of democracy!

The ON STAGE team stands side by side with all pro-democracy, tolerant and pluralistically oriented artists and fans worldwide. The rock concerts we organize should remain peaceful places where people can recharge their batteries, meet friends, be inspired and get intoxicated by people's music - regardless of skin color, gender, age, religion, sexuality and nationality!


New Blues Band: LUKE takes off

The singer, guitarist and songwriter Lukas Schüßler aka LUKE has been on stage for over 15 years since he was thirteen. And is a pioneer of a new music genre: New Blues-Rock 'n Pop...

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Welcome aboard "Still Eighteen" from Canada!

Perhaps the only rock band of its kind, Still Eighteen is a dynamic trio made up of father, mother and daughter. In addition to their unique history, the band has a unique sound - David Bowie meets the Pixies.



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