Harry Payuta & Friends

Harry Payuta & Friends

DE | Blues, rock, world music

An exciting stylistic mixture of songs and instrumentals with guitar & sitar, and ... mainly it rocks!

After almost 10 years of musical activities in Central America and Spain, Harry Payuta is now back in Germany with a new album and a new line-up.

The singer, guitarist and world-renowned sitar player has teamed up with bassist/vocalist Ralf Marckardt and drummer Jens Kolweih to once again ignite the energy and authenticity of world music with a singer-songwriter's mentality. (Press: SaitenKult 2022)

The current album BLACK MATCH ignites a brilliant 77-minute firework display from three creative decades of Harry Payuta's musical life.

His twelfth album looks back at the past to celebrate it in the present and show it a way into the future.

The stylistic arc stretches from the 90s with his rock band ''Vee-Jays'' to his seven sitar albums and the singer-songwriter album ''Sweet Gloom'' (produced in Germany, El Salvador, Spain, 2003 -2016) to new songs.

Optionally, Payuta focuses on the guitar or the sitar. The sitar is electrified and used far away from Indian clichés.

The current trio has rearranged and recorded all titles. The result is an exciting combination of overarching musical styles in a connecting, new band sound full of joy.

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