Julian Sas

Julian Sas

NL | Progressive blues rock

Rhythm & Blues is a bit like good whiskey or wine - the longer it is matured, the more delicate it is. So it's no wonder that veteran acts like Status Quo or Joe Bonamassa fill the halls more than ever when they are on live tour.

One who has to be mentioned in the same breath is the Dutch progressive blues rock guitarist Julian Sas. His unmistakable sound - built from his own compositions and covers by legendary R&B greats - has also been heard among the greats for decades and is still more up-to-date than ever. Fast-paced guitar riffs skilfully alternate with gripping blues solos - and all of this in the classic "BDG" line-up: bass, drums, guitar. Absolutely old school and yet at the pinnacle of state-of-the-art audio technology - equally powerful in sound and differentiated in sound.

The Julian Sas-Band, about which the online magazine laut.de writes:

"The Julian Sas Band is loved by their audience especially for their irrepressible joy of playing at live concerts." is currently on tour through Germany.

They have their current album "Electracoustic" with them - an opulent work with a "Twelve times Two" concept. 12 songs recorded once with and once without electricity. The album once again shows the musical spectrum of the exceptional Dutch guitarist, which not only brings die-hard progressive blues rock fans into ecstasy.

Booking : Germany, Switzerland, Austria,
and neighboring countries

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