La Villa Strangiato - the spirit of RUSH

La Villa Strangiato - the spirit of RUSH

Anyone who dares to approach the material of the Canadian prog rock band RUSH must have a great deal of confidence in their musical ability.

The three members of Italian band LA VILLA STRANGIATO have just that!

The Rome-based band, named after an old RUSH title, was formed in 2010 by Gabriele Ferrari and Carlo Fattorini. Since then it has been her concern to revive the songs from the time of RUSH's greatest popularity, in the 70's and 80's.

With their new program "Different Men On Stages" the band will tour Europe again and present some surprises as well as a special line-up.

Neil Smith: guitar, pedal bass
Gabriele Ferrari: bass, vocals, synthesizer, pedal bass
Dave Mackintosh: drums, percussion

Booking : Germany

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