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Classic rock, vintage rock or retro rock. Whatever you want to call this bluesy, occasionally psychedelic variant of hard rock inspired by the big acts of the late sixties and seventies: the best representatives of the subject have always come from northern Europe. The further north they originate, the better they are—it seems. And you can hardly get much further north than Tromsø, the hometown of the Norwegian Pristine, located more than 300 kilometers beyond the Arctic Circle ...

Pristine are one of the most engaging and compelling live bands in the genre. The group has already performed hundreds of concerts - from intimate club shows to slots within the framework of major festivals on our continent.

Heidi is looking forward to finally being able to tour again with the new Pristine album THE LINES WE CROSS. “We had played a handful of smaller shows in Norway over the past year when that was briefly possible again. The government had lifted all restrictions before the omicron wave came and it was all over again. These far too few evenings were wonderful for us, but apparently also for the fans. You could tell how hungry both sides were for live music. "It almost felt like when we started the band and did our first concerts."

Back then it was 2006: Heidi was attending the Music Conservatory in Tromsø, where she was studying singing, when she launched the first incarnation of Pristine. After several years of sound and member finding and two albums released exclusively in Norway, the band started internationally with REBOOT in 2016. Extensive European concert tours followed with stylistically similar acts such as The Brew and Blues Pills. The following year Pristine followed up with NINJA and in 2019 the Scandinavians were able to crack the German album charts for the first time thanks to ROAD BACK TO RUIN.


With THE LINES WE CROSS, album number six is ​​coming to us in early 2023, which will then be extensively presented live on tour through Europe!


The Lines We Cross – Part II Tour 2024

  02/02/2024 Erfurt Bandhaus Tickets


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