Still Eighteen

Still Eighteen

CAN | Power glam rock

Perhaps the only rock band of its kind, Still Eighteen is a dynamic trio made up of father, mother and daughter. As well as their unique history, the band also has a unique sound - think David Bowie meets the Pixies. Still Eighteen's shows and music are ROCK - that's why Still Eighteen was chosen from thousands of bands to perform a 50 minute set of their songs at a music festival with Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Billy Idol and other legends play.

Still Eighteen members see themselves as nonconformists and challengers of the status quo. This attitude is reflected in many of their songs, which address issues such as war, greed, poverty and environmental degradation. The Emerging Indie Bands Blog described the band as a "rock protest trio". However, not all of Still Eighteen's music follows these themes. Her upbeat song "You Hit Me Like a Drug" and accompanying hilarious music video went viral on Facebook with thousands of likes and over 1,000,000 views.

Still Eighteen includes former Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood singer Joey, his wife Karen on drums and their daughter Samantha, co-lead singer and bassist.

Karen was first a fan in the crowd when she saw Joey at a concert in Toronto and knew right away that he was "the one". During the time they met, married and had their daughter, the two had long dreamed of a life in the tropics, more specifically in the Dominican Republic, and spent several vacations exploring the island on rusty rented motorbikes.

Her life-changing move to a small coastal town in the DR best known for kite surfing (her favorite sport) had a profound effect on the whole family. "It really broadened our worldview," Karen recalls. This new perspective sparked Joey's creative inspiration and his songwriting blossomed.

With such free and musical spirits at the helm, it was only natural that Samantha would catch the music bug; at the age of eight she formed an all-girls rock band, Crush, and frequently opened for Joey's band at gigs around the island. She began playing bass and writing her own material in her pre-teens, and her skills expanded to co-write the music for Still Eighteen with her father.

Meanwhile, Karen's years of exposure to the music world throughout Joey's music career—and now it's her daughter's passion—was the catalyst for Karen becoming a serious drummer.

Still Eighteen was born!

Booking : Europe

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