The Electric Family

The Electric Family

DE | Prog, kraut, country, punk, folk rock

Founded by Tom "The Perc" Redecker in Bremen in 1996, the project sees itself from the start as a multi-musical association that knows no borders and seems to feel comfortable in every genre, whether it's prog, psychedelic, kraut or punk -, country or folk rock. Such exciting challenges call musical companions onto the scene, and so it is not surprising that numerous musicians from such different bands as Amon Düül II, Die Ärzte, Grobschnitt, Boa's Voodoo Club, Extrabreit, Lokomotiv Kreuzberg, Pankow, Rockhaus, Mojo Club, Mandragora Lightshow Society, Emsland Hillbillies, Embryo, Dissidenten, The Convent, Goethes Erben - just to name a few - joined the band in the studio and on stage.

After the album releases "Royal Hunt" (2009) and "Terra Circus" (2017), which was toured again after a long absence from the stage, The Electric Family went back to the studios in 2019 to record their 6th studio album for Sireena Records. In addition to the Bremen core of Tom "The Perc" Redecker, Rolf Kirschbaum, Harry Payuta, Anders Becker and Steff Ulrich, more than a dozen musicians came together in the studio, including top-class artists such as Roman Bunka (Embryo), Marlon Klein (Dissidents), Rolf Möller ( Extrabroad), Milla Kapolke (rough cut), and Jojo Brand (The Convent).

The first musical footprint was already at the beginning of 2020 with the single "What Is In Your Head, Fred", which ran up and down on alternative radio stations!

The new album "Echoes Don't Lie" was released on CD & LP in September 2020 and developed into a brilliant press success right from the start, both in Germany and in neighboring countries. The "Echoes Don't Lie" tour booked for October 2020, which the musicians had been looking forward to, unfortunately fell victim to the well-known Covid 19 epidemic and had to be postponed completely to a later date. Instead, the family went right back into the studio to begin work on the sequel Echoes Don't Lie. We can look forward to a lot of surprise guests again! The album should be released in summer 2022, and then the concerts should finally take place in autumn 2022 . There will definitely be enough material for the stage.


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