The Humps - Celebrating CAMEL

The Humps - Celebrating CAMEL

ISR | Progressive Art Rock

The Humps from Israel, that alone is already exotic, but daring to approach the complex complete work of the legendary band CAMEL, even more so.

For almost 15 years they have been dealing with the sometimes very intricate and complex arrangements of this progressive art rock band, which has been around for 50 years and has a very loyal fan base.

So far, each of CAMEL's rare shows has been sold out!

Now The Humps are celebrating the complete works of Camel on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of CAMEL on a European tour. Nothing will be missing..."Lady Fantasy", "The Snow Goose", "Supertwister", "Ice", "Never let go", "Nimrodel", and much more....

2 hours of CAMEL music of the highest quality and authenticity.

Dana Eizen: Acoustic guitar, flute
Daniel Ashkenazi: guitar
Nadav Ivri: Bass
Tal Rubinshtein: drums
Yuval Eisenberg: Keyboards

: Europe

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