Climax Blues Band

Climax Blues Band

The Climax Blues Band was formed in 1968 by Colin Cooper, who co-founded the band with Pete Haycock in the 1970s and 1980s with hits such as FM Live and Gold Plated, as well as the hit singles "Couldn't Get It Right" and "I Love You". led to great success and recognition.

George Glover joined the band as keyboardist in 1981, Haycock left the band in 1984 and Lester Hunt joined the newly formed Climax in 1985, Roy Adams joined in 1987 and Neil Simpson in the early 1990s. Colin Cooper led the band with a return to the kind of blues the band started with before his untimely passing in 2008. His desire was for the band to continue and the hiring of Graham Dee and Chris 'Beebe' Aldridge came with the aim of expanding the Climax sound again, absorbing new musical influences, evolving creatively which has been the hallmark of the Climax Blues Band was instead of relying on past glory.

The live album Security Alert was released in 2015, reflecting this step forward and the fact that Climax was delighting old and new fans alike across the UK and Europe. ELO and Wizzard's Roy Wood mixed the live album.

The focus is on Graham Dee, a frontman who captivates the audience and surpasses himself. His amazing vocal range sets him apart from the crowd and he likes to roam around the audience to spread the joy.... Chris Aldridge is more laid back and convinces with his outstanding, virtuoso saxophone playing, with which he combines soul, jazz and blues influences stylishly emphasized.

2019 saw the release of the album HANDS OF TIME, the first studio album of original songs since 1987's Drastic Steps. Hands Of Time went straight to the top of Amazon downloads and number 3 on the iTunes Blues chart.

In 2022, guitarist Lester Hunt announced his retirement from the band due to ill health and Climax, without hesitation, recruited Dan Machin as their guitarist. Dan had worked with Lester since he was 16, following Climax as a fan and playing in various other bands with Roy and Neil over time. He had already covered Les gigs when Les couldn't play and it was obvious that as an accomplished and extremely talented guitarist he could fit seamlessly into the band.

The rhythm team of Adams and Simpson, who have been playing together for 30 years, the Climax veteran George Glover, who holds everything together as the band leader from the keyboard, the dynamic Beebe and Graham, and the creative guitarist Dan as the "new blood" now have a new chapter of the Climax Blues band pitched. They create new music, move forward, mix old with new and love to make music. A brand new album of original songs is in the works to build on the success of Hands Of Time.

Graham Dee: Vocals
Dan Machin: guitar
Neil Simpson: Bass
Roy Adams: drums
George Glover: Keyboards
Chris Aldridge: saxophone

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