Lance Lopez

Lance Lopez

USA I Blues-Rock

Lance Lopez, the seasoned American Bluesrock and Texas Blues maestro, channels the influences of legends such as Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King. Revered by Jeff Beck as an "exciting and intense blues guitarist," Lopez's musical journey took a significant turn when he struck up a lasting friendship with Billy Gibbons at just 16 years old.

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Lopez's roots in the rich musical soil of New Orleans set the stage for his early professional endeavors. While still in his teens, he became a fixture in the local scene, playing in bars and clubs. As he transitioned from Johnnie Taylor's band to touring with Lucky Peterson and eventually forming the short-lived Band of Trouble, Lopez's guitar prowess became a hallmark of his career.

Despite facing personal battles, including overcoming addiction and embracing a healthier lifestyle, Lopez's commitment to his art never wavered. His journey is marked by collaborations with industry giants, founding the Supersonic Blues Machine, and releasing noteworthy albums like "Handmade Music" and "Tell the Truth."

Fast forward to July 2023, and Cleopatra Records unveils Lopez's latest sonic offering, "Trouble Is Good." This album not only cements Lopez's position as a torchbearer in the Bluesrock genre but also showcases his resilience and enduring impact on the musical landscape. Lance Lopez continues to be a force, not just in his mastery of the guitar but in his ability to weave personal struggles into a tapestry of soulful, evocative music.



Lance Lopez: Guitars, Vocals

Jorgen Carlsson: Bass

John Hummel: Drums


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BookingEuropa (außer Spanien und Portugal)


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