Red Beard

Red Beard

ESP I  Southern Rock

Over these recent years, they've been hitting the stage non-stop, earning the respect of fans,
media, and critics alike. Jaime Jimenez, the band's frontman, had a deep love for music from
a young age, even though his family never considered a professional music career. What
they did have at home were stacks of music compilations spanning classical, soul, rock &
roll, and American tunes. You're talking Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, The Allman
Brothers, Otis Redding, and a whole lot more. But music at home was kind of a no-go,
branded as something for "hippie drug addicts." So, during his teenage years, Jaime secretly
learned to play guitar on a beat-up old one. That's when he realized that music was his
He kept composing songs in secret while he studied, and eventually, while working in the
advertising music scene, he decided it was time to share his songs with the world and start
performing. That's how, independently and self-sufficiently, he recorded and released his first
track, establishing himself on the local music scene and attracting fellow musicians who
formed Red Beard in 2015.
Since then, the band has rocked stages in various countries, including the USA, Germany,
France, Sweden, Austria, Slovakia, and more, even making a memorable stop in Guinea
Equatorial, Africa, where they were invited by the American Embassy to perform charity gigs
and music workshops. They've rocked countless festivals and kept up a busy touring
schedule. After delivering four albums, their fifth release, Dakota, marked their international
breakthrough, leading them to ink a deal with the multinational Peermusic. Red Beard has
become the vehicle that transformed that 15-year-old kid who was grooving to Aretha and
the Allman Brothers in Gran Canaria, Spain, into a player in the very studios where the
musical legends of his youth shaped the history of music. Their sixth album was cut at Fame
Recording Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, giving birth to their latest studio effort, Die
Trying, which dropped in 2023.


JAIME JIMENEZ: Lead Vocal / Rhythm Guitar


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